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Immunization Laws


Many people are opposed to vaccines yet are unaware of their legal rights. Questions about immunization laws generally fall into seven categories. In most cases, vaccines are NOT mandatory.

1. Young Child: I have a young child that I don't want to vaccinate. Our doctor [the hospital or nurse] says that my baby must be vaccinated. Is this true?

2. Public Institution: Are vaccines mandatory for my children to get into a public daycare, school, or college?

3. Private Institution: Are vaccines mandatory for my children to get into a private daycare, school, or college?

4. Employer: My employer is requiring vaccines. Do I have to get vaccinated to keep my job?

5. Foreign Travel: I am a U.S. citizen and plan to travel to a foreign country. Are vaccines mandatory for me and my family?

6. U.S. Entry: I am a citizen of a country other than the USA. Are vaccines mandatory for me and my family to enter the United States?

7. Military: I am a member of the United States military. I don't want to take the anthrax [or some other required] shot. What are my options?

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Doctors and school officials may claim that the vaccines are mandatory. Parents are often warned that their children will not be able to enter school without complying. But are vaccines required by law? Most states offer a religious, philosophical, or medical exemption to "mandatory" shots. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated by overzealous authorities. Arm yourself with the complete and exact vaccine laws of your state. 1-5p. Code: VSL $4.95 (Specify state.)


Now that you know the vaccine laws of your state, how do you inform the authorities of your decision? Most states do not provide an "exemption form." You must create your own affidavit that conforms to state law. This special service includes a sample affidavit (your vaccine "exemption form"), along with suggestions regarding how to present it to the authorities. Code: SAU $4.95.


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Includes information on ALL recommended childhood shots PLUS HPV (cervical cancer), smallpox, shingles and flu.

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Our Responses

1. Can the doctor or hospital make me vaccinate my baby?

A. No. Your doctor may claim the shots are mandatory for your infant or young child, but state laws mainly address vaccine requirements for children entering daycare centers and/or school. [See questions #2 and #3.]

Q. Hi, I am a mother of an 11 month old. She is currently up to date with her vaccinations and thankfully hasn't suffered short-term effects. I have just recently discovered the vaccine controversy and have begun research. Though an informed parent's research is never done, her father and I have come to the conclusion that further vaccination is not right for us. I personally feel appalled and decieved by the vaccine adverse-effect cover-up, and if it is not a cover-up, then it is ignorance. People who are in a position of authority over the health of our children are cloaked in ignorance! (As I have learned over and over again regarding breastfeeding, natural birthing, co-sleeping, etc.)

Anyway, I live in Virginia. My question is this: I have read the current law at the local library and it allows for only two exemptions -- 1) religious and 2) doctor's orders. Not the personal/philosophical exemption I was hoping for. I cannot afford a lawyer, and I don't know anyone here in Virginia who has been exempted. How can I go about getting an exemption?

My daughter's first year appointment is coming up in a month (along with more scheduled vaccinations). I am confident that we will be able to delay them by refusing to sign the waiver and explaining we are currently researching vaccines in order to make a more informed choice. Please send me any info you can about actually getting legally exempted. I don't currently belong to a church although I am religious, believing in God and having a deep-rooted belief system. However, my decision not to vaccinate has little to do with it! How can the affidavit be changed to reflect my religious beliefs if they just aren't the foundation for my decision? And the state laws I read said nothing about how to go about exempting or where to send such an affidavit to! Thank you.

A. Vaccines are NOT required for an 11 month old baby. State laws are generally worded to convince parents to vaccinate their children entering public institutions. If you don't want the shots, you simply tell your doctor that you've decided against further vaccines. You don't have to listen to a lecture or explain your reasons.

Your immunization records OR a vaccine exemption is required when entering some daycare centers and all public schools. Religious exemptions are possible despite your membership in a recognized denomination [See sample letters below]. Most doctors will not provide a medical exemption.

Your doctor will become angry and may threaten to stop seeing you and your child. This is a common tactic, so be prepared. If this occurs, you might want to consider what purpose the doctor serves in your life. According to the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, 30-year pediatrician and outspoken critic of vaccinations, very few health conditions warrant medical attention. He discusses these and other childhood ailments in his excellent book, How to Raise a Healthy Child...In Spite of Your Doctor. Another good resource is Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, co-authored by two naturopaths and a medical doctor. These books and other vaccine resources, including a copy of your exact state laws and a sample affidavit, are available by visiting our ThinkChoice/New Atlantean Bookstore.

2. Are vaccines mandatory for my children to get into a public daycare, school, or college?

A. No. State laws "mandating" vaccines also permit exemptions. (Read: Why Schools Should NOT Mandate Vaccines.)

Q. Is there any way to get around the legal requirements that daycare, school, etc. force on parents to have their children vaccinated? Thank you.

A. Vaccines are NOT required to enter public daycare or school. Each state offers a waiver to the requirements. Acquire a copy of the state vaccine laws to learn about your rights. Then write and submit an exemption. You can research the laws on your own at the library. Or you can order your Exact State Law and a Sample Affidavit from this website.

Q. I work in a clinic and I had a woman call me in tears because her son's school told her that they would expel him if he didn't get his vaccinations. Is that actually legal? I hope to have enough control as a parent to make an informed decision about vaccinations.

All states, except for Mississippi and West Virginia, offer a philosophical or religious exemption. This woman does NOT have to legally vaccinate her child. She needs to become empowered by understanding her state vaccine laws.

Q. I was never vaccinated. Now I have one and three year olds entering daycare/preschool here in Ohio. They are threatening to remove our children if they do not receive an excuse from a doctor or an up-to-date vaccine record. One of your links claims Ohio has a philosophical exception clause. How do I order the exact law and affidavit from you? P.S. I am 38 and am fine without ever having been vaccinated against anything.

A. Vaccine laws are available at many local, state, and law libraries. However, New Atlantean Press has already done the research, and offers copies of the vaccine laws of each state for less than $5 apiece. They offer a Sample Affidavit for less than $5 as well. This form comes with instructions on how to design your own exemption -- a simple "vaccine waiver" that is presented to the daycare, school, or college in place of the immunization records that they are requesting. New Atlantean Press also publishes Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? This compelling book on vaccine safety provides an excellent well-documented introduction to the problems associated with each vaccine, and will strengthen your convictions regarding this controversial issue.

A. New Atlantean Press also publishes a small booklet, How to Legally Avoid Vaccines in All 50 States. This booklet summarizes the vaccine laws throughout the country. It includes quotes from the exemption sections of the vaccine laws of each state. These items, and more, are available by visiting the ThinkChoice/New Atlantean Bookstore.

Q. I live in the New York City area and am an informed parent who has made the educated decision not to inoculate my child. I know in New York City the only exemptions accepted are religious and medical. I am having a hard time finding out where I can obtain a legal exemption form for vaccines. I would appreciate any help.

A. Most states do not have ready-made forms. You have to compose your own exemption. New Atlantean Press provides a Sample Affidavit. It comes with suggestions on how to compose your exemption and submit it.

Q. My great-neice had a reaction to the Hepatitis B vaccine and her mother refuses to finish the shots. We desperately need the laws from Florida, today if possible. The school won't let her in on Monday when class starts. I, too, have not taken my child in for these shots. Thanks for this information.

A. Florida offers a religious exemption. We can Fax a copy of the laws and a Sample Affidavit to you. By the way, I believe that you have 30 days after school opens to produce your vaccine records, or the exemption.

Q. I am thinking about using the services of a lawyer, James Filenbaum, in NY. He is listed on your website as a lawyer who can help secure legal religious exemptions. I am in the state of SD and my daughter is supposed to start school next week. The school sent me a letter requesting church doctrine that states it is against my religion to vaccinate my child. I spoke with Mr. Filenbaum tonight and would like to use his service but would greatly appreciate anyone who can be a reference to using his services. Thank you.

A. Most people can exempt their children without the services a lawyer, even when the school district is pushy and intimidating. For example, South Dakota requires that you are an adherent (not necessarily a member) to a religious doctrine whose teachings are opposed to immunization. The Christian Science Church is recognized at the federal level as being opposed to immunizations. You could visit a local branch, or read about their doctrine at the library, and may discover that you agree with certain principles that they espouse. Therefore, you may be an adherent of that non-denominational religion (even though your traditional religious affiliation may be Catholic or Jewish as well). We recommend legal aid only when authorities overstep their legal boundaries and insist on harassing some parents. James Filenbaum's fees average $300 to $500 but may be higher depending upon circumstances.

Q. Thank you very much for responding so quickly to my questions. I have one more question. Exactly how long do I have to comply with the school's request. Can they hold my child out until I get the necessary paperwork completed? I am thinking that there is legal recourse if they do not give me adequate time to comply, considering that I gave them a written and signed statement back in April, and it wasn't until the week before school that I got their request for more information on our exemption.

A. School boards may choose to intimidate parents despite the law; this is a relatively common practice. Some parents have been granted 30 days, although this does not appear to be specifically addressed in the SD state laws. For your information, the SD law also states that it is a "...misdemeanor for any ...person to compel another...to submit to the operation of vaccination..." Good luck.

Q. I used Mr. Filenbaum's service and his letter states that in SD we must "adhere," not belong, to a certain doctrine. The school is examining the letter for legal validity and is refusing to let my daughter start kindergarten next Monday. Is it because I am in SD and he is in NY? Do I threaten them and end up taking them to court? Other people in this same town have their children in a private school and all they signed was the religious exemption, no questions asked, no legal fees, no letters asked for. What is going on here? Are they using me to set an example because I had a legal document detailing my rights? My daughter thinks she is starting on Monday. If I show up with her can they force me to take her back home. I do not want her to remember this "showdown" and be affected by this. Any answers?

A. They are using you as an example. They are bullying you even though they do not have the legal authority to do so. You need a support system on Monday. For example, your husband or a good friend should be present with you. Good luck.

Q. Thank you for all your help. We received a call a few minutes ago from the principal saying that she will be happy to see our daughter on Monday morning. Thank you again!

A. We're glad to hear that everything worked out in your favor. Best wishes.

Q. I have a friend in Texas who does not wish to vaccinate her child. She does not go to church. Can she still get her child into school?

A. Texas laws were recently changed to include a philosophical exemption. Texas went from being one of the worst states regarding vaccine laws to one of the best states. For more information, we provide the exact state laws and a sample affidavit for a few dollars. This will walk your friend through the process of writing the exemption. She may order them by calling Thinktwice/New Atlantean Press at 505-983-1856.

Also, for more information on Texas laws, Dawn Richardson operates PROVE, a vaccine support organization in that state. PROVE can be reached at: 512-288-3999.

Q. My husband and I have a 3 1/2 year old son, that has only been vaccinated against Hepatitis B once, when he was born. My husband was born and raised on an organic farm. He has never been vaccinated; his records were falsified by his parents because even back in the 1960's they knew vaccines were not a good thing for their children, or any other human being for that matter. I now have a dilemma. My son will be attending school in another 2 or so years. Is there anything you can suggest to help us get around this disgusting, fraudulent medical hoax called the vaccination schedule. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A. Vaccines are not mandatory. Each state provides exemptions to the shots. Acquire a copy of your state laws. You may read more about this on our website.

Q. I have been getting harassed by my daughter's school because two of her vaccines were given six weeks before her fourth birthday. The school's and my pediatrition's solution was for her to just receive extra shots to "comply" with state law. I have decided to find a new doctor for my daughter and fight the school. I thought that I would lose the battle with the school and start homeschooling my child, but your website has given me new hope that she may stay in school yet. Can you believe that they are threatening to suspend her if we don't have the shots given by the end of the month. I would appreciate any advice you can offer.

A. Just sign a waiver. Every state offers parents the legal right to exempt their children from the shots. Your school officials just "forgot" to tell you about this small detail. New Atlantean Press offers the exact state laws and a sample affidavit. Call 505-983-1856 to order these items. Or visit the ThinkChoice/New Atlantean Bookstore.

Q. Dear Thinktwice, I just wanted to thank you for this website. I lost my sister to a smallpox vaccine over 50 years ago, and another sister was very ill from the same vaccine. We were told by our parents to avoid even people who had been recently vaccinated.

When I had my own children, starting 17 years ago, we decided not to vaccinate. We have been accused of being bad parents and citizens as a result of our decision. The only trouble we had with illness was when the children and I caught whooping cough from my sister's child who had been vaccinated against the disease. I was vaccinated as a child and still caught whooping cough. My children have enjoyed good health with only minor colds once or twice a year which we treat with herbs and common sense.

My main concern is that my eldest will be entering college soon and most colleges require immunization records. I am not sure how to write a waiver. Is there anyone who can help me? I live in a very small town and am already looked upon darkly because I homeschool. Thank you for listening.

A. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Waivers must be written to reflect state vaccine laws. Anyone can write one. To simplify this process, New Atlantean Press provides copies of the exact state laws and a sample affidavit.

Q. We've just moved to this area, and asking people about immunization laws really gives me a headache. Everything that I read on the web, except for your site, points the way to make sure that your child is immunized. I hate this toxic way of thinking and hate even worse finding out about what I have to do simply to enroll my non-toxic (non-immunized) son in school. Any help in directions or support groups in Tempe, Arizona, or in things I have to do simply to put him in school would be useful. Thanks ahead of time.

A. Arizona offers a philosophical exemption to the shots. Simply acquire a copy of the state vaccine laws and sign an affidavit.

Q. I work at a school where they are pushing the Hepatitis B shot. I don't want it. What can I say to this issue that would be factual?

A. Factual information is irrelevant in the eyes of authorities. You must exempt yourself based on state laws -- either a religious or philosophical exemption.

Q. What happens if the school system won't allow our children to go to school unless they get vaccinated?

A. All states provide exemptions to the vaccines. Most authorities won't reveal this to you. However, you have the legal right to exempt your children from the shots.

3. Are vaccines mandatory for my children to get into a private daycare, school, or college?

A. Many private institutions honor vaccine waivers, however they may not be legally required to accept your non-vaccinated child. We recommend submitting an exemption as described in the previous section.

4. My employer is requiring vaccines. Do I have to get vaccinated to keep my job?

A. Not necessarily. Some employers may be requiring vaccines to protect themselves from liability. We recommend submitting an exemption as described in the previous section on public institutions.

Q. I am a college student and will not be allowed to do my clinicals in the nursing program unless I receive a rubella vaccination. The nursing officials are saying that unless I receive a rubella vaccination that I would be potentially placing any infant, child or immunosuppressed patient ar risk should I be exposed and unknowingly contract the disease. They further state that all of their major clinical affiliations require their employees to have rubella immunity. I really want to finish my coursework and receive a nursing degree. Can you please help me to respond to this letter from the nursing chairperson? I plan to cite a journal article from the American Medical Association which states in a study that 90% of obstetricians and 60% of pediatricians refuse rubella vaccinations. Please respond to this letter as I appreciate any help I can get!

A. You are not the first person to run into this dilemma. Women are experiencing serious reactions to the rubella vaccine, including arthritis and chronic fatigue-like symptoms. The whole scam about your predicament is that hospitals require "employees" to be vaccinated but doctors do not haveto get vaccinated (and don't!) because they are not considered employees. You might ask whether the doctors who work at the clinical affiliations are required to receive the vaccine. If not, why not. If they tell you yes, don't believe it unless you see their handbook with a definition of an "employee."

Rubella is not a danger to infants or children. Arguing with authorities and showing them studies rarely works and usually causes them to dig their heels in deeper. You may try testing to see if you have antibody titres to rubella, indicating that you are immune (your best bet). You could also try fighting it with a lawyer (several are listed on our website). Another career, where employers respect your autonomy, is also an option. Good luck.

5. I am a U.S. citizen and plan to travel to a foreign country. Are vaccines mandatory for me and my family?

A. Vaccines are NOT required to travel from the United States to another country. This question is more thoroughly addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions section, #10: Overseas Travel.

6. I am a citizen of a country other than the U.S. Are vaccines mandatory for me and my family to enter the United States?

A. No. The U.S. State Department provides a standard form permitting a waiver "if compliance with the vaccination requirement would be contrary to the alien's religious beliefs or moral convictions." Authorities will not tell you about this waiver form unless you ask and are persistent. For more updated and specific information about entering the United States without having to receive vaccines, visit the following website: Vaccination Liberation.

Q. Dear Sirs, on your homepage we found valuable information about vaccination in the USA. We are German, now living in Japan, and there is a possibility that our next destination might be the USA. For this reason we are trying to get prepared beforehand. From friends we already heard that the vaccination regulations in the USA are much more severe than, for example, in Japan or Germany. Since we are using homeopathic remedies for many years now, we became very sensitive regarding this issue! We have three girls, ages seven, five and three -- the youngest one has no vaccinations at all and the others have only a few "basic" ones.

Our questions are:

Q. What exactly are the government regulations/requirements, which have to be fulfilled in any case?

A. You don't need shots to enter the United States. The government can provide an exemption form. Each state offers an exemption to the shots as well.

Q. Are there different or specific demands in the states of NH and MA?

A. They both offer religious exemptions, each slightly different.

Q. How are the schools and kindergartens following these rules -- or do they have even harder criteria?

A. Public schools require vaccinations or a signed, notarized exemption form. Many banks notarize forms (provide an official stamp confirming your signature) for a few dollars. We offer the exact state laws of MA and NH for less than $5 apiece. We also offer a sample affidavit for less than $5. This form will help you sign an exemption that will improve your odds against being harassed. Call New Atlantean Press at 505-983-1856 for more information.

Q. Are there differences in the handling/judging at public and private institutions?

A. Yes. Private institutions do not have to accept exemption forms. Public institutions must accept them. [See questions #2 and #3.]

Q. Do you have any information on hand about the situation in Canada and Australia?

A. Our website lists vaccine support organizations in these countries.

Q. You can imagine that this information will have some vital influence on our decision-making. It is quite difficult to understand, that in the USA, the country of "freedom," the people are forced to undertake these vaccinations!

A. Yes, we agree.

Q. Thank you very much for your support in advance.

A. You're welcome.

Q. Greetings. Keep up the good work. My wife is now pregnant and she is planning to have the baby in Barbados even though she is an American National. We do not have the information to find out if it will be beneficial to have the child there and still be allowed to enter into the U.S. unvaccinated. We would appreciate any information possible.

A. Vaccines are not required to enter the USA. Authorities may try to intimidate you, but you have the legal right to object to the shots.

Q. I am about to apply for "green cards" for our family. We have discovered that a medical examination is mandatory, and a long list of vaccinations is required, unless we have proof that we have had these already. The list is longer than the one for school admissions. Vaccines such as influenza, pneumococcus, and chickenpox are on it, as well as the usual DPT etc.

My children have had some vaccinations already, when they were babies(and I was ignorant of the dangers). We now use homoeopathic medicine,never take antibiotics, and I wish to avoid any further vaccines. There is a clause allowing either religious and moral exemptions to vaccines at this medical examination. But I wonder if our application for green cards would then be immediately rejected.

Does anyone have any experience or advice to offer as to how to dealwith this situation? I feel strongly that I wish to make health decisions for my children, not have dangerous vaccinations forced on us. But I am not sure how to present a moral exemption. I would be grateful if anyone can offer help or advice.

A. Everyone should be wary of multiple vaccines administered simultaneously. Our experience has shown this to be a dangerous practice with a high potential for vaccine damage. As you have discovered, vaccines are not required to enter the United States. If you do not want the vaccines, sign the exemption. That should not be a cause for rejection.

7. I am a member of the United States military. I don't want to take the anthrax [and/or some other mandatory] vaccine. What are my options?

A. Our website provides valuable Information regarding military vaccines, where you can read what other service personnel have experienced. Our section on the anthrax vaccine is compelling. It includes secret animal studies showing this vaccine to be dangerous and ineffective, as well as congressional testimony from military veterans seriously damaged by this shot.

For more specific information regarding your options, Capain Joyce Riley operates a wesite devoted exclusively to military vaccines, especially vaccine-damaged Gulf War Vets. Links to her site and other similar sites can be found at the above locations.

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