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Vaccines and
Congressional Testimony

      Click on the links below to read important Congressional testimony on vaccines. Much of this information is not reported in the mainstream media. (Note: Please be patient while the files load. They are in PDF format because the federal government removed these Hearings from their website.)

The Hepatitis B Vaccine:
Helping or Hurting Public Health?

May 5, 1999

Autism: Present Challenges, Future Needs --
Why the Increased Rates?

April 6, 2000

Vaccines and Conflicts of Interest
(Vaccine policymakers responsible for mandating childhood vaccines
own stock and patents on those vaccines.)
June 15, 2000

Mercury in Medicine:
Are We Taking Unnecessary Risks?

July 18, 2000

Autism: Why the Increased Rates?
One-Year Update

April 25, 2001

The Autism Epidemic:
Is the NIH and CDC Response Adequate?

April 18, 2002

The Status of Research
Into Vaccine Safety and Autism

June 19, 2002

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